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The Startup Cost

The EZ franchise will have certain startup costs which must be incurred by all its franchisees. These startup costs are a necessity for qualifying for ownership. The EZ Minimart startup costs include an Initial Investment sum starting from $25,000.00 to $50,000.00 a cash requirement which ranges from $10,000.00 to $20,000.00.

EZ MiniMart Fee

The franchise will have a fee requirement which starts from $1,500 to $3,500. However, under its financing options, provided under the franchise’s veteran incentives program, veterans will benefit from a discount off the franchise fees. We are committed to supporting our veterans and honor their service to the country.

EZ MiniMart Early Starting Costs

The EZ Minimart charges its franchisees a certain cost that they will be required to pay. These costs will be for the following: an ongoing royalty fee of 10%, and an advertising royalty fee of 3% to 5%.

EZ MiniMart Training and Support

The EZ Minimart organizes quality training sessions that are aimed at training the franchisees on the needed skills required to operate the franchise. The training will be mandatory for all its new franchisees and their managers. The training sessions typically last 10 days of on-site training.
Other added training sessions include firsthand training to ensure that all its franchisees benefit from a direct on-the-job training for better and faster assimilation rate. There are also in-class training sessions where the theoretical aspects of owning and operating an EZ Minimart are provided.
Support covers both ongoing and marketing support. For the ongoing support, it covers critical areas such as the organization of a grand opening ceremony, field operations, and purchasing cooperatives. Under its marketing support, areas such as the placement of adverts in the regional media are covered including the use of cooperative advertising.

Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

Under EZ Minimart’s terms of agreement/renewal, the contract term lasts 20 years. However, if the franchisee leases the business from an original owner, the new transaction will be subject to an approval process based on the qualification of the new tenant.

How to Start an EZ MiniMart?

To own an EZ MiniMart, an indication of interest needs to be made. Simply go to the website on click on the “select region” button. Depending on the region where the franchisee will be located, the franchise directs the franchisee on where to apply. On the next page that opens, there will be an online application form that the-would be franchisee is expected to carefully fill with personal details. A representative contact him/her for further investment decisions leading to the eventual ownership of the franchise opportunity. The article will provide the needed details necessary for making informed investment decisions. It is believed that the entrepreneur better placed using the contents of the article on how to invest. check for any updates to the information provided.

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