Team Background

The company is a group-minds of diversified seasoned business entrepreneurs merging to create this company. Together, we account over one hundred years of experience in business. The board of Vest Net Capital Holding (VNCH) has chosen to invest in companies that provide short-term, mid-term and long-term perspective and prefers to grow organically through acquisitions in fields where the management has momentous experience. The company makes most investments using its own equity capital, which allows optimum flexibility in terms of financing, and consequently swift investment decisions. VNCH maintains close relationships with existing investment structures, funds, and asset managers, and is perpetually devoting efforts to developing its networks to identify talents with necessary skill sets and appropriate investment opportunities.

Our Vision:

To become a leading diversified holding company, maximizing shareholders’ value and
enabling economic development globally with specific focus on emerging markets on the Caribbean, Africa in connection with the Asian market. VNCH holdings investments are geared the most towards fast and profitable returns our partners. Through the adoption of global best practices, we will have a business model that is highly effective and efficient.

Our Mission

We provide corporate support and services to our operating entities pertaining to strategic initiatives, financial planning, networking and business development, risk assessment and mitigation, legal and compliance, employee development, information technology and media relations.

We thrive on our strong relationships with co-investors and lenders, and continuously endeavor to create synergic business opportunities organically and inorganically, leading to shareholders value maximization over short, medium, and extended periods of times.

We provide a professional work environment and career development, continuing education and development opportunities to our multicultural and exceptionally talented employees who are also our proud ambassadors to internal and external communities.