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EZMiniMart is a franchise powered by EZ Money Transfer and Commodity Import & Export that aims at providing a variety of food staples, prepackaged foods, fast food, beverages, sundries and convenience store goods and services. EZMiniMart will offer franchises worldwide. The franchise will consist of two programs; These programs include:

1. EZ MiniMart franchise will offer a variety of food staples, prepackaged foods, fast foods, beverages, sundries and convenience store goods and services.
2. EZ MiniMart will serve as EZ Money Transfer Licensed Agents to filter money transfer customers that send and pick up remittances and provide Convenience Pay, mobile money transfer, payments, money transfer to bank account, prepaid card sales, pay bill, money order, and EZ Money Reload (prepaid services).

EZMiniMart Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

The franchise will offer candidates the perfect opportunity of benefitting from a national and international brand. EZMiniMart franchise will specialize in services that include fast food services plus retail convenience.

The Benefits of Owning an EZ MiniMart
The immense possibilities that come with owning an EZ Minimart will continually attract more investors
to the franchise. This business venture model will make a huge impact socially and economically on our
communities. It will make on the lives of both its clients and franchisees.

1. Other benefits of owning an EZ Minimart includes a series of programs held for to update its
franchisees on current industry trends and innovations, resulting in increased productivity and
2. All its franchisees will benefit from a robust support system that ensures that they are not left
stranded at any point during the duration of their contract term.
The EZ mini-market franchise will set a standard that will win the confidence of clients, which
automatically rubs off on the franchisees.

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